Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is here!

Fall is here! That means I've been stalking Pinterest and looking at cute fall decorating ideas. I'm totally NOT crafty at all, but I am trying to be better. I have to say, Pinterest is totally helping! I've decided to take one cabinet and deck it out with holiday fun, so here is Halloween/fall, round 1!

Here's the close up. I found the FALL banner examples on Pinterest and thought surely I could make something like them! I think mine is OK for a first try :)

Dug this cute spider web and Halloween tree out of my parent's attic! Mom isn't putting out any decorations this year because she is afraid the bulldog will chew them up :) I'm taking up the slack!

Here's the whole picture, far away shot.

Two picture frames, each with a Halloween themed fun saying. 

Finally, here are the pumpkins! Found out how to make the polka dotted one on Pinterest and added my own cute bow :) The mum isn't dead, it just hasn't bloomed yet.

Even someone lacking creativity like me can do this stuff. I plan on making a Halloween wreath next, so stay tuned for pics of that and a few recipes coming soon. Hope you had a good weekend!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

CSAF Recap!

I've definitely neglected this blog this week...sorry! :( I've been keeping up with my teaching blog, Special Speckled Eggs, but I've been slacking over here. I wanted to give you a recap of the festival I talked about last weekend because, well, I told you I would! Here are some (poor) pictures from the festival. I now know that I really need a real digital camera OR a new iPhone, cause pics that are this low in quality just aren't going to cut it!

People and random booths. There were way more, but I felt like I was creeping out the vendors trying to take their pictures with my iPhone :)

Basically I was trying to get a picture of the Constitution Square sign in this picture, but clearly that didn't work out for me. How did I not see all these trashcans?! I guess I was blinded by the sun or something.

And then there is this booth. This booth is called "Stuff on a Stick" and all it was was TONS of fried food, all of which came on a stick. Seriously, I don't think I could make this up! I wasn't crazy about the fried Oreos, but I heard the fried cheesecake was to die for!

As I think I said last time, the Constitution Square Festival has lots of different crafty vendors and LOTS of fried food :) Can you beat that?! It is also the place to go if you want to see everyone you've ever met in a 20 mile radius. Ahh, the joy of small town living.
Hope you've had a great weekend! I really want to post pics of a recipe (like my idol, The Pioneer Woman) sometime in the coming week, so we shall see how that goes. Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

DIY Project: Bowl Fillers!

So I was on Pinterest the other day, and I saw the cutest DIY project by Landee See, Landee Do. It was these awesome bowl fillers! I thought they were so neat, I just had to do them myself. I've got a great navy blue bowl on my kitchen table that is just begging to be filled, and these were the ideal solution.

Here's what you need (well, what I needed):
6 4 inch styrofoam balls
1 yard (approximately) of fabric total -- I would get at least 2 colors/patterns
1 18 foot spool of ribbon (about 1/2-5/8 inch width)
1 box of stick pins

First, cut the fabric into 1/2 inch wide strips that are long enough to fit around the styrofoam ball. Then, cut the ribbon to the same length.

Now you're ready to rap! Start with one strip of fabric or ribbon. Wrap it completely around the ball and secure with one your stick pins. Now, wrap the next piece around the ball kind of forming an X (I wish I'd taken pictures so the directions would be clearer). Maybe this picture will help that make more sense.

Keep on wrapping and sticking until you have this:

Actually, I'm sure yours will be much cuter than mine! BUT I still loved mine anyway :) So much in fact that I made 5 more and put them all in the blue bowl on my kitchen table. Once I clean the table off :-P, it will be PERFECT!

Thanks so much, Landee, for the inspiration! Check out Landee's original post right HERE. While you're there, check out the ones she made with thumbtacks, too! Have a blessed Sunday, and don't forget to think of all those who lost loved ones 10 years ago today.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Constitution Square Weekend!

It's that time of year again: the Constitution Square Arts Festival is here once more. This is a pretty big deal in Danville! I mean, you go down, walk around, buy some artsy things that you like but really don't need, eat a funnel cake, and maybe even get a henna tattoo of a butterfly on your stomach - which turns out to be a mistake.
I'd know from experience.
Anyway, the Arts Fest is quaint and fun and has lots of Danville spirit to it. "Spirit" in more than one way, as this year they'll be serving BEER! Granted, they could serve beer last year, too, but this year they're going to have the whole process down pat. Danville is movin' on up for sure ;)
Here is what I can see of the Arts Fest from my apartment:

Right now you're thinking, "Wow, that's considered a big deal? Where is Danville, anyway???" BUT the festival doesn't start until tomorrow, and it will be much bigger by then. Don't worry, since I know you're sitting on the edge of your seat, I'll post pictures of the vendors on Saturday while it's rockin' and rollin'. I'm pretty pumped because this year I'll be able to walk right over to the Festival! All kidding aside, that is one of the reasons I LOVE living on Main Street so much :) There are so many fun things within walking distance!

Hope you have a great Friday!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Viva Diva

Welcome to The Downtown Danville Diva, a blog about my life as a single lady living in fabulous downtown Danville! I plan on chatting with you about cooking, being Ms. Fix-It (HA!), and other random events of my life. I've only recently been introduced to the blogging scene, and I'm figuring it out as I go...please hang with me!
I've recently moved into an apartment on Danville's Main Street. It is perfect for me for several reasons. Reason 1: It has no yard, and I kill EVERYTHING that grows from the ground somehow. I literally don't know how I do it. Reason 2: It has just enough space for me and my toy poodle, Gus-Gus. Reason 3: When I looked at it for the first time, it was painted yellow, green, orange, and sky blue. This probably scares you, but I like bright colors. Reason 4: It is close to all the Danville "hot spots", such as 303 W, Bluegrass Pub and Pizza, The Hub, The Beer Engine, and Mermaids (just to name a few). Reason 5: It is a great place to start over, and that's just what I needed.