Sunday, September 18, 2011

CSAF Recap!

I've definitely neglected this blog this week...sorry! :( I've been keeping up with my teaching blog, Special Speckled Eggs, but I've been slacking over here. I wanted to give you a recap of the festival I talked about last weekend because, well, I told you I would! Here are some (poor) pictures from the festival. I now know that I really need a real digital camera OR a new iPhone, cause pics that are this low in quality just aren't going to cut it!

People and random booths. There were way more, but I felt like I was creeping out the vendors trying to take their pictures with my iPhone :)

Basically I was trying to get a picture of the Constitution Square sign in this picture, but clearly that didn't work out for me. How did I not see all these trashcans?! I guess I was blinded by the sun or something.

And then there is this booth. This booth is called "Stuff on a Stick" and all it was was TONS of fried food, all of which came on a stick. Seriously, I don't think I could make this up! I wasn't crazy about the fried Oreos, but I heard the fried cheesecake was to die for!

As I think I said last time, the Constitution Square Festival has lots of different crafty vendors and LOTS of fried food :) Can you beat that?! It is also the place to go if you want to see everyone you've ever met in a 20 mile radius. Ahh, the joy of small town living.
Hope you've had a great weekend! I really want to post pics of a recipe (like my idol, The Pioneer Woman) sometime in the coming week, so we shall see how that goes. Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

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