Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back in my humble abode :)

I'm finally back in my wonderful little apartment, and I am seriously thankful for my quiet single life. No managing kids schedules, no worrying about what pills to give what animals, no regimented bulldog/fat cat feeding schedules. I sure do love my family at 424, but I'm glad to only be taking care of Gus-Gus and me :)
In other news, I've decided I HAVE to start eating better and eating at home more. I'll be making a trip to the grocery this week to stock up on good-for-you foods and all the staples I'm out of. It is really bare around here right now! One website I love for good-for-you recipes is Gina's Skinnytaste. Check out some of the fantastic recipes she shares on her blog.

Can you say YUM?! I really want to try those fries, but all these recipes look fantastic. I've liked everything I tried from her so far. Anyone else have any good recipes sites out there?
Have a great week!

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