Friday, January 13, 2012

New blogs I'm in love with

I know that I've been the worst blogger every lately! My mom (who I believe is my one and only follower) reminded me of that yesterday...sorry, Mom! I don't have anything super interesting to post...except that I have a SNOW DAY today, which is fantastic. I thought I'd share a few blogs that I follow and adore so that when I'm not posting, you'll have someone else to blog stalk (MOM). If I'm gone and you're missing me too much, hop on over to my teaching blog, Special Speckled Eggs, which I tend to update more frequently. In the meantime, here are bloggers I *love*....
Lexi at Mostly True Stuff -- Lexi has a daughter with Down Syndrome and a son with Autism, plus two more neuro-typical kiddos. She is funny, honest, and totally fantastic.
Sock It Mama -- I found this lovely mama through a post related to Mercer County's "boy in a bag" issue. She has the same view I do and she's another honest autism mom.
Ree at The Pioneer Woman -- She cooks, she takes pictures, she home-schools, she writes cookbooks and novels...I'm envious and I adore her.
Kevin at Closet Cooking -- This dude is the king of grilled cheese sandwiches. He's got tons of other recipes, too, but I'm partial to a good ole grilled cheese.
Mique (pronounced like Disney's famous mouse) at Thirty Handmade Days -- Another autism person! She has great ideas for advocacy and great ideas for everything else, too!
OK Mama, will that keep you busy? :-) Stay warm out there!