Friday, June 1, 2012

Wreath and Reinvention!

I haven't blogged in forever...I am awful! Fortunately, with summer comes more free time for me, so I WILL be updating much more often! I wanted to post my lastest and (possibly) greatest craft which I found on Pinterest...where else?! I followed the tutorial at Life With 4 Boys to figure out how to make this cute yarn wreath, and just changed the colors and embellishments to suit my color choices. I am getting ready to hang it up and I can't wait to see it on my front door! Isn't it cute?!

Now, with the more frequent posting I am thinking of changing it up around here. After a recommendation from one of my only two followers :-) I may be doing shorter, more frequent posts. I do think I'll still be bragging about my crafts and some recipes on here to anyone that will listen, though! :) Mom and Ju, thanks for sticking with me! ;-)

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